DMX Receiver CC

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  • DMX Receiver CC

Product Description

LDC-512R-CC offers solutions for RGB, single colour or 4 channel RGBW LED systems with DMX system. LED outputs are constant current. RDM protocol is also supported.

Product Code

  • DMX – Receiver – CC

DMX Receiver CC


  •  DMX512 Protocol
  •  Constant Current Output For 3 Channel RGB or 4 Cahnnel RGB White
  •  Up to 3a Per Channel
  •  Supports Single DMX Channel, 3 or 4 DMX Channel and 8 DMX Channel
  •  RDM Protocol Support ( Argetron RDM ID = 0x09c1)

 Application Fields

  •  Single Colour, RGB or RGB White Power Leds.
  •  Stage Lighting
  •  RGB and RGB White Walwashers
  •  LED Projector
  •  Constant Current LED Module Applications

Constant Voltage
4 Channel PWM Output

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