Sustainable smart lighting.

The heart of the LED lighting revolution is Argetron, the leader in sustainable smart lighting.

We are dedicated to quality. We devote the necessary resources to quality and sustainability so that our products are the most eco-friendly and energy efficient on the market. Argetron developers make the best LED drivers and modules. Designing interfaces and modules that are cost effective and reliable is our job. Of course we take pride in our success, but we know that our ability to design the most energy efficient and low impact LED lights is due to our leadership and our science. Our leaders demand that the entire organization deliver on our quality promise. Our highly designed research and development and production processes are created to ensure consistent and reliable work that our clients expect.

Our clients are well known industry thought leaders who understand the value of quality. They insist upon purchasing well designed and developed solutions to light their world. They choose to partner with Argetron because we provide the best LED products. Using the highest quality low impact materials means our clients are more than satisfied. The lower quality materials that some others in the industry rely upon are less efficient, do not last as long, may not be as controllable, and do not leave a low impact environmental footprint.

Because we believe in the value of our planet, and the health of everyone who shares the planet, we use recycled materials. We create our products to have the longest life span possible, maxing out even the naturally high efficiency of LED technology. We are able to deliver on the promise of LED technology: a low footprint, low energy, easy to manage, revolutionary source of light.

Consistent and reliable LED light is going to make the future more powerful. By saving energy for the things that truly need to use more of it, we not only save money but we reduce the load on our planet and its natural resources. At Argetron, constructing an LED lighting solution is sustainable from start to finish. Our employees understand the meaning and value in what they do. They are trained to make sure that the best processes are used to minimize waste and they use recycled materials. They understand that they are creating a lighting source that requires a new low in power consumption. They’re proud of what they do to help save the planet.