Quality is the peak of our structural hierarchy.

At Argetron, we are so dedicated to quality that we devote more resources, man hours and cultural capital to quality. Our clients are well known industry thought leaders who understand the value of quality. They insist upon purchasing well designed and developed solutions to light their world. They choose to partner with Argetron because we provide the best LED products.

We are proud of our successes in creating LED driver and modules. We attribute our ability to serve our clients consistently to one thing: quality. An emphasis on doing things right, every time, is at the core of our business. The production process we use at Argetron is thoroughly vetted and has been developed over many years. We have approached creating the process for LED production with extraordinary care.

We rest easy knowing that we’ve developed processed and procedures which protect our clients’ investments. We don’t take it for granted, though. It ensures that our clients get the highest quality LED modules, which leads to greater efficiency. Our reputation is predicated on our consistent ability to lead the industry and we do everything possible to live up to that.

Part of ensuring our clients are satisfied is using the right materials. Some competitors cut quality to allow for margin, or to speed production.

Argetron’s process is completely different. From the first day of work to the moment a finished LED product is packed for delivery, our employees understand that their only responsibility is to the client. Our staff, no matter where they work in the business, are experienced in creating a customer centric service environment. At the start of every porduct order is the selection of the highest quality materials. At end of every product order is Argetron’s quality control process.

In addition, our products carry CE certification.Our products are uniquely suited to provide the highest and best quality products.