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Star - LPY-016

Category: Power Led Module

Round Power LED Module LPY-016 Star with 1 LED Star PCB and Constant Current LED Module

Product Code LPY-016


  • 1 LED Star PCB
  • Consant Current LED Module
Product CodeLEDs350 mA700 mANominalMaxMinMaxNominalMaxColor Temp.CRI
LPY-0016-01-XPX-82711001903507002,83,61,122,242700KMin 82
LPY-0016-01-XPX-83011082003507002,83,61,122,243000KMin 82
LPY-0016-01-XPX-84211202103507002,83,61,122,244200KMin 82
LPY-0016-01-XPX-86511302403507002,83,61,122,246500KMin 82