Lineer Constant Current

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LML - 5610

Lineer Led Module with 9,9mm x 565mm Dimensions and 48 LED with Constant Current LED Module

Product Code LML-5610


  • Dimensions: 9,9mm x 565mm
  • 48 LED
  • Constant Current LED module
ProductLEDs350 mA500 mANominalMaxMinMaxNominalMaxColor Temp.CRI
LML-2735-48-563-827-X481200158435050022,428,88,9612,82700KMin 82
LML-2735-48-563-830-X481296168035050022,428,88,9612,83000KMin 82
LML-2735-48-563-842-X481440201635050022,428,88,9612,84200KMin 82
LML-2735-48-563-865-X481536216035050022,428,88,9612,86500KMin 82