PWM LED Drivers

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PWM Driver CC

Category: PWM

Power LED Driver - CC converts PWM signal to constant current. Constant Current LED modules can be driven by PWM signal with this product. Controller Directly powered from 230VAC main and it has a good power factor correction. Adjustable output current is also possible.

Product Code LAC-PWM-CC-50


  • Directly Powered From 230V AC Main
  • (PFC) Power Factor Correction Capability
  • PWM Input for DIM
  • Supports Single DMX Channel, 3 or 4 DMX Channel and 8 DMX Channel
  • RDM Protocol Support ( Argetron RDM ID = 0x09c1)
  • Easy Mounting Terminals

Application Fileds

  • Single Colour Power LED Driving
  • Long Distance PWM Data Line
  • Stage Lighting
  • Single Colour Wallwasher Appliations
  • LED Projector
  • Constant Current LED Module Applications
  • Constant Current "LED Panel", "LED Spot" and "LED Downlight" Fixtures
Operating Voltage165-265VAC
Max Input Power55.6W
Max Output Power50W
Efficiency≥ %90
Power Factor≥ %95

Operating ModeOperating VoltageMin. LED VoltageMax. LED VoltageLED CurrentMax. Output Current
350mA165-265VAC20V65V350mA ±%1022.75W
550mA165-265VAC20V65V550mA ±%1035.75W
700mA165-265VAC20V65V700mA ±%1045.5W
900mA165-265VAC20V55.5V900mA ±%1050W
1050mA165-265VAC20V47.6V1050mA ±%1050W