About Argetron

We're always one step ahead, we lead the light.

Argetron Elektronik was established in year 2007. We launched Argetron to ensure that the best lighting solutions in the market are available to our clients. As the LED driver and LED module markets explode, we are proud to be the leading innovator of connected lighting solutions.

Our superior and cost effective LEDs mean that the customer has the most flexibility, the most installation options and the most control over expenses. Our well designed LED solutions can be easily expanded, removing maintenance costs and down time. A business using our LEDs can be assured of their choice to save money with a customized sustainable energy solution.

Our research and development team design state of the art LED drivers and LED modules which are assembled to create customized lighting solutions. Analysts project that the smart lighting industry will continue to see explosive growth over the next two years. The smart lighting revolution is giving consumers control over the very lumens that make it possible for people to live and work comfortably. Our customers can directly control each LED node in a centralized and intuitive manner. They can even program the nodes independently for timed behavior is a groundbreaking capability.

Argetron is a brilliant choice for lighting solutions that enable sustainability, smart controls, and energy savings. Our slogan is “Lead the Light,” and with the research and development team that we have put together, there is ample evidence that we do lead the light. The thought leadership, scientific knowledge and unique business expertise that we offer ensure that each implementation will be successful. The customer service orientation of the entire company ensures that each customer will be completely satisfied.

Our solutions have been called stunning in their flexibility. Our customers have goals that range from cost savings to sustainability to security controls. The on staff experts are experienced and excited to offer lighting products that make a positive difference in their customers’ bottom line. We partner with client firms to define, then exceed the goals that will add dollars and sense to the business. Our business people and project managers who serve each client make each customer the most profitable and competitive they can be.

Known throughout the industry as a thought leader and design innovator in the Smart LED business, Argetron is a name to know when it comes to LED.